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5 Things I wish I knew Before College

tumblr_nlstx1R31i1tvelxmo1_2505things1. You don’t have to have it all figured out

There’s this major misconception that as an 18 year old (well actually 17 year old) you sit down in front of a stack of applications, with your SAT scores in hand, and determine the rest of your life. That’s just not how life works for most people–plus, life should be a journey. My point is, seek out something personally fulfilling.In my situation, I went from pre-law to communications. I’ve been interning in the TV industry for two years and have never looked back. However, I don’t believe TV is my final destination… because what fun would that be?

2. You will make friends

I think going in, more than finding a career, this is what haunted me. I’m pretty sure I picked out my clothes and my dorm decor with this in mind. I wanted to have a space and style that told my story in order to draw in similar people. I found later,  my best friends don’t care about my things or my clothes (groundbreaking). What I’m trying to say is, making friends in college is basically the same a making friends anywhere else. If you’ve had friends before, you’ll have friends now. The keys to making friends in college: kindness, confidence, and an open mind.

3. Create balance early

I’ve always been a naturally disorganized person. When I got to college I wanted to change that. I went from being a slob to this type- A, zombie. That’s not who I am. After the first semester I was completely burned out. I needed to create room in my schedule for friends, painting, working out, and campus life. In a sense, I was off balance and it took a toll on me. I have friends who were the opposite and spent too much time partying  or doing hobbies. College is the perfect time to create a formula for living your best life.

4. Interning is very important

I can not wait to post more about this subject! Basically, start as early as you can! The workforce is  more competitive than ever before, and if you want to be successful you need to compete early on.

Go to the career center and allow them to tear apart your own high school resume and help you. Create a Linkedin account and get a friend who’s good at photography to do your headshot. Also, begin sharpening your interview skills and working on your confidence and poise. It’s never too early to work towards success. I started interning sophomore year, but I wish I started as early as first second semester freshman year.

5. Don’t plan to find your husband, but finding bridesmaids is inevitable

“This is the 21st century!…” I know your mother and your grandmother probably met your dad and your grandfather at college. Maybe you’ve even heard of “ring by spring.”… Incase no one told you, college does not have to be the time to find Mr. Right. For me it’s been this amazing period of growth where I’ve figured out traits (outside of the mental list i’d been creating in high school) that I like and don’t like. But, If you do find him that’s great! If you don’t, or you find yourself heart broken, remember,  you have your whole life to find love.  Generally, you only have four years to  get a bachelor’s degree. For now, walking across that stage with a degree and maybe even finding your bridesmaids and, I don’t know, a job that could potentially support your shoe and brunch obsessions is more than enough.





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