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Travel Files: American in Paris


Length of Trip: 48 Hours

Paris is one of my favorite cities! Once I grasp the language,I could definitely imagine myself living there!

My first visit, and the visit documented in these photos, was February, 2014, the day after Valentine’s Day.

That weekend, I fell in love with a city.  1601230_10203219647034779_435072635_n*The tower after rainfall. We were hot off the EuroStar and ready to explore. This is probably my favorite photo from the entire trip…and I took a ton of photos.1660986_10203210634209464_717145442_n*”Cruise” Time! It was definitely cold and not very relaxing. Yet, watching the eiffel tower light up over the water, at night, is incredible. I wish I could upload my videos. Unfortunately, wordpress is being difficult.  IMG_1448*Escargot in the Latin Quarter. Normally, I’m a fan of escargot…only because of the sauce. But, this place was terrible. I wish I remembered the name to tell you all. It’s a cheap 3-course dinner scam for tourists.

We were lured in by free wine–It happens(I guess). If you’re a foodie like me, beware of some of the marketing tactics in the Latin Quarter.
IMG_2141*I know this is so typical, but I probably took at least 100 shots of, with, and under the eiffel tower.

But hey! It’s pretty and I like it…. Louve Time! 1014086_10203219572632919_193457231_n*AKA the smiles before getting lost, hungry, and tired all up and through that museum. All because we wanted to find Mona sans a map.  1508568_10203219558912576_1425814847_n*Obviously my favorite part was that there were so many big handsome men. IMG_1485*I never got anything from there, but It just needed to be photographed. 1623563_10203219536232009_905614285_n*Another touristy thing that I did–but willingly. I had been planning to go to Laduree since I was 16 and saw it in Gossip Girl. I don’t super recommend this place because they have stateside locations.

Buut I still recommend boarding the tiny-treats train, in general.There are tons of spots to choose from.12711_10203219530791873_1778660710_n  They’re sooo prettyyy ♥ (I still have dreams about the pistachio)1800200_10203219540992128_1718374791_n* Yes, I still have the box… and the little takeout bag.

That’s all! Next week I’ll be taking you through my memories of Brugges, Brussles…

with love



  1. Ahh I really wish I got to see inside the Louvre!

    Like you, I took 1001 pictures on and around the Eiffel Tower ha.

    Check out my post on my trip to Paris too!! x

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      • Vivaciouslifestylin says

        They are a cute couple. I love watching them because I want to move abroad too one day and they’re an inspiration

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      • Lol I’m watching more videos as I type! They’ve just earned a new follower…this gives me confidence to explore all of my options…even ones outside of the US

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      • Vivaciouslifestylin says

        That’s so great. I’m happy you like them. I went to high school with Gloria and it’s so nice seeing one of my friends do things out of the norm. It’s inspiring I hope to do something like that one day.

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  3. Hey Taylor! I love your energy and your blog! Part of my celebration for my 50th anniversary of life is a trip to Paris! I finally get to go home as I was born in Paris and have never had the opportunity to return. What are the five things to keep in mind for my adventure?

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    • Hi Michelle! First I want to apologize for my slow response, I’ve been traveling! Second, I’m so excited for your trip!!
      My recommendation is simple. Bring some knowledge of the language, your appetite, a sense of adventure, and camera. Leave the guide books at home.

      Thank you for the compliment and enjoy your time in Paris!

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