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Travel Files: In Bruges

As promised, I’m continuing my travel series this week with my travels to Brussels, Bruges.

Duration: 6 hours

Date: March 2015

Bruges, for me, was all about the food! I live for chocolate, and this place was just short of heaven.IMG_8343

Walking through this city is like walking through the pages of a story book. I was absolutely entranced…by the food. IMG_8295



These strawberries are perfect in every way– I took this shot while waiting in line for another wafel

This chocolate shop reminded me of the shop in Chocolat, because of all the uniques flavors–especially this yummy, spicy one.

Next week, I’m taking you to Zadar, Croatia.

with love!



  1. Hi Taylor!
    Thanks for the follow! I’m just getting into your blog and seeing it is lovely like you 🙂 , especially these travel pics! I don’t especially like waffles, but a waffle with melty chocolate in Brugge – um, YES!!! I hope to travel here one day 😀 . Actually, your travel posts remind of another somebody I follow online; here’s her webpage: . Keep up the loveliness! XO – Lilly

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  2. Brussels is a beautiful city in Belgium, not to for from my country, the Netherlands.

    Besides all the great food, you have the Atomium, gorgeous building, and the Belgium beers are a true treat to the mouth as well.

    Very nice website/blog you’re having there!

    Keep it up!

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