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Sunsets & Sea Organs


Arrive: Zadar Train Station at 1:40 pm

Hotel: Central Royal Apartments (2 nights)

Activities: Explore Zadar

See: Aesthetically, Zadar has so much to offer. Out of all of the locations from my week-long tour of Croatia, this place spoke to me the most! I felt like I was living out a childhood dream by staying within the walls of a little town by the sea.

Despite its quaintness, Zadar hosts many amazing attractions. There is a University on site (which, if only I knew it existed!! I would not be studying abroad in london), the sea organ, a beautiful historic tower, some amazing architecture, and several looking points.

The Infamous tower–which sadly was closed during our stay.Either way, it was still fabulous to look at.

The Marina gave me all the feels! Immediately, I was transported to a “deleted scene” in the Little Mermaid, when I *cough* she looked out of Prince Eric’s castle.


If I was an angsty-Croatian teen, this would be my spot, where I’d dream of the world beyond. For that day, it was just my chill/photo-op spot.Also, what’s great about this spot are the sea organs. they’re magical.  Every time the tide hits, it causes the mechanism within the steps to play this surprisingly pleasing melody. Proving, that the sea is multi-talented.

STAY: We went the apartment route, staying in a second story walk-up. I fell in love with everything about our space.

I definitely reccomend apartment accommodation in Zadar.  If two girls could survive it, you’ve got no problem. Also, from what I noticed, there was only one other hotel within the walls; so, if you go the apartment route, you’re sure to get the better deal.

EAT: We bought the yummiest cake came from the sweetest baker, who allowed us to use her phone during time of crisis (aka, we couldn’t find our apartment when we first got to the city).

The food in this Zadar was waaaavyy. Seriously. SO GOOD. I think I ate gelato daily and the pizza was never far (our favorite spot was hidden in a windy cave-like enclosure.

We also found these amazing grilled chicken salads for some veggie intake, because that’s important.You know it’s real when you can think back on a trip and crave a salad.

Another fun part about Croatia, are it’s grocery stores. The food is dirt cheap, so we made a point to stop in for lunch and stock up on oranges, water, and try a croatian processed snack that reminded us of something in the US. Surprisingly, all of the snacks were amazing and I still dream about how juicy their oranges are.

*Who isn’t obsessed with shutters? IMG_1826

*Million dollar shot of the most beautiful sunset in the world–as dubbed by Alfred Hitchcock. IMG_8772

*A looking point my friend and I hiked. Again, I felt like a princess. IMG_8689

*Our wonderful cafe spot before the big event.

5 Things I loved about Zadar:

eating pizza while watching the sunset

the small-town charm

our apartment

the sea organ

IMG_0248 copy


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