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Books & Bread

As I type, I’m doing something very non-feminist. I’m using nair to remove the hair above my lip. Meaning, I kind of look like those old “Got Milk” ads. If you don’t get that reference, then who are you?  Also, I realize that sometimes people read this blog that I know irl, but I’m not ashamed…well, I won’t be until you say something to me about my ladystache or my poorly executed jokes.


This week is officially over and I’m emotionally drained. Like depleted.

I had two interviews yesterday–don’t get me wrong, it was more than cool to feel wanted… but,  I realized that I might have low-balled myself in the salary department. which sucks. I found this out by listening to my classmates say that they would take nothing less than 65K. Immediately, my heart dropped, I was (and still am) completely confused at my lack of similar entitlement.

I did what any adult would in this stressful, coming-of-age situation. I  went to Barnes & Noble and bought some books. Counteractive, I know, considering my issue is money.

I went in with the intention of stocking up on self-help books. I even picked up a few. Then  something came over me (probably common sense) and I dropped the five self-help books I’d been stacking against my hip and jetted over to the Business section; because duh, I’m in business school. Reason number two: my fascination for self-help books are probably my reason for not caring about money in the first place.

I ended up leaving with two marketing books and a quasi-self-helper/ entrepreneurial text because that’s the career I’m shooting for and I want to reference them like a freaking savant in my next interview.

We’ll see if they say anything about salary–you’d think that would be the kind of book I’d buy, given the circumstances. But no. All of those books had dollar-signs, dollar bills, or pictures of strangers on the cover…for those great reasons I couldn’t do it. I run an aesthetically pleasing and well-curated library.

Listen, once I figure this salary thing out, I am writing a book for all my ladies in this struggle. We deserve books that fulfill our desire for self-help and financial security–with a title that doesn’t include barbaric words like “rich” or “wealth”.

I’m thinking:  Bread. Yes, if you were wondering, it will also have a chapter on gluten, because…obviously. Anyway, the title is  classy, timeless, and, trademarked…so, paws off (not actually, but actually guys).

My books: Creative Confidence, Invisible Influence,& You May Also Like

With love,

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  1. Demand what you rightfully deserve, and if the company decides not to hire you because they feel it will be a financial strain, then it wasn’t destined for you. It’s time to get that bread both literally and metaphorically.

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