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Sunsets & Sea Organs

SUNDAY, MARCH 9, 2014 Arrive: Zadar Train Station at 1:40 pm Hotel: Central Royal Apartments (2 nights) Activities: Explore Zadar See: Aesthetically, Zadar has so much to offer. Out of all of the locations from my week-long tour of Croatia, this place spoke to me the most! I felt like I was living out a childhood dream by staying within the walls of a little town by the sea. Despite its quaintness, Zadar hosts many amazing attractions. There is a University on site (which, if only I knew it existed!! I would not be studying abroad in london), the sea organ, a beautiful historic tower, some amazing architecture, and several looking points. The Infamous tower–which sadly was closed during our stay.Either way, it was still fabulous to look at. The Marina gave me all the feels! Immediately, I was transported to a “deleted scene” in the Little Mermaid, when I *cough* she looked out of Prince Eric’s castle. If I was an angsty-Croatian teen, this would be my spot, where I’d dream of the world beyond. For that day, it …

Travel Files: In Bruges

As promised, I’m continuing my travel series this week with my travels to Brussels, Bruges. Duration: 6 hours Date: March 2015 Bruges, for me, was all about the food! I live for chocolate, and this place was just short of heaven. Walking through this city is like walking through the pages of a story book. I was absolutely entranced…by the food.  These strawberries are perfect in every way– I took this shot while waiting in line for another wafel This chocolate shop reminded me of the shop in Chocolat, because of all the uniques flavors–especially this yummy, spicy one. Next week, I’m taking you to Zadar, Croatia. with love!

Travel Files: American in Paris

Paris Length of Trip: 48 Hours Paris is one of my favorite cities! Once I grasp the language,I could definitely imagine myself living there! My first visit, and the visit documented in these photos, was February, 2014, the day after Valentine’s Day. That weekend, I fell in love with a city.  *The tower after rainfall. We were hot off the EuroStar and ready to explore. This is probably my favorite photo from the entire trip…and I took a ton of photos.*”Cruise” Time! It was definitely cold and not very relaxing. Yet, watching the eiffel tower light up over the water, at night, is incredible. I wish I could upload my videos. Unfortunately, wordpress is being difficult.  *Escargot in the Latin Quarter. Normally, I’m a fan of escargot…only because of the sauce. But, this place was terrible. I wish I remembered the name to tell you all. It’s a cheap 3-course dinner scam for tourists. We were lured in by free wine–It happens(I guess). If you’re a foodie like me, beware of some of the marketing tactics in …